Aww, too cute! This surprise painting proposal is presently trending on instagram (photos, videos)

Ilamina and Olise‘s surprise proposal video will make you go aww and aww and aww.
They got engaged yesterday when her boyfriend unveiled a painting of him on
bended knee with a ring at a ‘Music Meets Art’ event.

The Music Meets Art event was organized for every attendee to be more
enlightened about art, appreciative of music and it’s components, and
most importantly, to witness Olise’s expression of love to Ilamina
through a romantic, heartwarming proposal.

 Everyone gave her the impression that he was  only receiving a painting award but unknown to her, she was the damsel in the painting.

Of  course she said Yes!
Instagram video

The full Facebook video

Painting by @thepaintertainer | Proposal planned by @hoc_events

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