Aww, this Little Girl wants her baby brother to stay little forever (WATCH)

Believe it or
not, this little girl’s tears will totally brighten your evening.
 In an
adorable — but hilarious — video, this big sister completely loses it when she
finds out that her super cute baby brother is not going to stay that way

drama queen Sadie loves her baby brother so much, the thought of him growing
any older or bigger is enough to make her cry floods of tears.

This heart-warming clip shows a little girl who loves her super-cute
baby brother so much it hurts.

In the footage, the little girl, called Sadie, has tears streaming down her
face as she embraces her tiny sibling.

When a woman off camera asks if she wants him to stay “little
forever”, she replies: “Yeah, he’s so cute.”

The blubbering youngster, of Phoenix, Arizona, then moves on to her own
fate, saying: “And I don’t want to die when I’m 100.”

The clip has since gone viral with over 13 million views in just 5 days.
You can watch video HERE.


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