Aww, this beautiful couple met on twitter in 2013, he brought her to Christ and they are now addicted to each other!

We have heard of several stories of tweeps who end up dating and getting married but this is different because they – Blair and Norman – met via twitter DM in 2013. He sent her a DM and she responded, they kicked off a convo…..became fond of their chats and met!

been exactly one year since this awe-some man slid into my Twitter DMs
… He’s been showing me more and more about myself and, most
importantly, God ever since” Blair excitedly announced a while ago and the best part is they share the same tooth brush, aww!
“I never know if I’m using my toothbrush or his because I swear he uses both of them….The
man that looks at me crazy but treats me like I’m (somewhat) sane when
I’m tripping. The man the chooses me every single day – good, bad, ugly
and crazy. The man that has literally cared for me in my weakest moments
and has been at the core of my strongest moments. The man that is my
protector and provider. The man that brought me closer to Christ. My
best friend.” she says!
See more photos of them below:

Photo credit: Instagram/blairanagela


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