Aww, She ran away thrice & kept him waiting for 60 seconds! Watch this lady’s reaction to her surprise proposal

Aww, don’t you just love surprise proposals?!
We have seen ladies roll on the floor, seen them run away and do all sorts when their Man pops the ‘Will you marry’ me” question, but this soon-to-be bride, Opeoluwa is such a drama queen.
Weddinginnigeria narrates it thus:

She schools far outside London while the soon-to-groom lives in London. On the D-day, the lovebirds spent the whole day talking on the phone so imagine Ope’s surprise when he sprang up from behind in a very random place, holding the flowers and a ring.

She dropped her bag and fled.

Then she returned, accepted the flower and ran again.

She did this repeatedly thrice and finally accepted the ring. 

Watch the videos below:

Part One

Part Two

Part three

The couple will get married next year, woo-hoo!

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