Aww! A beautiful Couple’s Before & After Marriage Picture

Wow, I just had to share this!

Bolanle and hubby Temie Williams-Olley, got married 3 years ago…the photo on the left was taken in 2010 while the photo on the right was taken this year, awww I love it!
Read their beautiful love story below:
How Bolanle & Temie Met
Bolanle and Temie met through a mutual friend back in 2006 but didn’t
become close friends until 2008. Temie used to DJ (as DJ TNT) at parties
which Bolanle hosted back then, they became friends and discovered that
they “kinda sorta” liked each other.

The Turning Point
by Bolanle & Temie
We decided one day to meet up. We call it the “3-1-3 day” (it was 3
hours of commuting only to spend 1 hour with each other and then to
commute 3 hours back home), the 1 hour we did spend was a turning point
in our friendship, and we knew we wanted to explore more of the one hour
and here we are today!
The Proposal
by Bolanle
I was planning to have a surprise birthday party for Temie in 2009, but
unfortunately things were not panning out like I wanted to, so I had to
let him in on my plans. In the end, we decided that we would just have
dinner with his family, the day comes and we get to dinner and he seemed
a bit pulled back from everyone else, I asked what was wrong but he
just brushed it off. So during dinner while we were talking he asked me
if I really wanted to marry him and I told him that I had been ready
since we decided to date in 2008, so it was really on God’s time when we
would – At that point, I had no idea he had something up his sleeve!
Fast forward to the end of dinner, Temie starts giving a speech –
thanking God, his family and then putting me on the spot. I had no clue
while he was professing his love for me to his folks, and before I knew
it, he was down on his knees as he asked me to be his wife…I said “Yes”.
Though I then realized the surprise would have been on me had my
initial surprise birthday party plans gone right! Hahaha oh well, it was
just great.
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