Atiku’s visit to Washington DC has got Nigerians talking

It is quite surprising that some Nigerians are making a deal out of Preisdential candidate, Atiku Abubakar’s recent trip to the United states.

Atiku’s ability to visit the US was shrouded in controversy, over the belief that former Vice President was facing corruption charges.

Nigerians took to social media to rant after photos surfaced online showing how Atiku touched down in Washington on Thursday, where he is expected to speak at the Chamber of Commerce on Friday, from 2:30pm to 4pm on Friday.

Below are some twitter reactions:

@ScorecardNG: APC is now hiding in shame. I thought they said Atiku cannot go to US? Nigerian voters can now see how APC descended so low with their shameless lies and propaganda against then person and character of Atiku Abubakar. Where is Lai Mohammed, Garuba Shehu, Keyamo & L. Onochie?

@Hlimited: Policy reversal or changes happens everytime in America or elsewhere with new administration. That Atiku was allowed into US does not negate the fact that he was accuse of wire fraud or taking bribe from Jefferson. He can file a dispute here in US to clear his name in court.

@Onyijackson1: Lol! Bad belle people he is in America life and direct Osho babb etc Big shame for una. by the special grace of God our Next President up Atiku…..hahahhahaha

@adeyemitemida17: Pls @atiku can you report urself to interpol as regards your corruption case in the US…we need a transparent president. Not one that would be smuggled into the US without knowledge of Nigeria embassy in the US….

@AishaYesufu: As a great citizen of Nigeria you decided to sell yourself so cheaply. Atiku in America is what has gotten you hyped? You should weep for yourself.
Atiku, PMB @toluogunlesi are not the losers. The Nigerian people’s are and this fawning over mediocrity got us there.

@adeyemitemida17:I laugh my ass out…[email protected] took how many years before he could step his feet in US after lots of pleading …how pathetic that is….feel xo sorry for him now…..

@i_am_Majesty_: if it was only pictures, they will say it was doctored. now there are alot of videos. Tboy(Ogunlesi) might be thinking to say the video was from perhaps 1999-2000.. I watched @fkeyamo say atiku is wanted in the abroad. Atiku has shamed them all in asterisks.

@Usman_Yau_78: Even Rahaf Mohammed didn’t celebrate asylum as much as PDP is celebrating @atiku ‘s USA visit ???. I don’t understand why. Ok now you’re there, what’s next Mr @atiku ..?? I’m just wondering if it will reduce the Crowd in Bauchi, Kogi or Delta…?

@ThaBigSize: The timing of Atiku entering the US one month to the general elections and the way the APC main propaganda about him been rubbished is legendary!

@ChukwudiNwangwu: Atiku trending for doing nothing other than go to America is clearly showcasing how far we have lowered the standard. It further shows that with money, you can get away with almost anything. We worship the #Godoflittlethings & focus on irrelevancies.

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