I will stay in football cos I’m addicted – Arsene Wenger

Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger has celebrated his achievements with the club after 22 years and and 1,235 games in charge. Speaking, the French man revealed the huge progress he brought to the club and the state he is leaving them in.

 “I had an impact on the club as a whole because the club is in a strong position, it has a new stadium, a new training ground and new players. With the results, we won three Premier League titles, played 49 games unbeaten and I’m very proud to have won seven FA Cups too.” 

He also revealed that he will remain an Arsenal fan even as he retires.

“Of course it is very emotional after 1,235 games for the same club. To enjoy it we had to win it (the Huddersfield game), winning football games is what makes me happy and the boys did it. It was a good day for everyone with Huddersfield staying up too. Do I feel relief? Not really, I’m sad. At some stage it has to end, I wish everyone well, the fans have been great until the end and I wish the club well for the future. It will be hard to adjust of course but I will have to deal with that. I want to wish this group of players well and the staff coming in, I will remain an Arsenal fan above everything else.”  

On whether he will quit football totally or go manage another team, Arsene Wenger didn’t give a clear statement as he noted that he has an addiction for football.

“I will stay in football for sure. Whether that is managing or not… I am addicted and I don’t think that can be cured”.

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