Archbishop Chukwuma believed that is God using Buhari to punish Nigerians

God using Buhari to punish Nigerians

 Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma , the Anglican Archbishop of Enugu
Ecclesiastical Province has said the suffering Nigerians are
experiencing under the Buhari administration is punishment from
God.During a chat with Sunday Sun, the Arch Bishop said thus:

Well, it depends on what type of change they are trying to bring in. I
heard them promise that their version of change will manifest next year.
However, the change that we see now is not a good
version. The change is of hardship and people are not comfortable at
all. Right now, all I can say that is good about their sermon of change
is that the situation is making Nigerians to change from their life of
profligacy to prudence. To me, Buhari’s government is a punishment, and
caution to Nigerians. I think that God is trying to punish us, and at
the same time caution us with the present administration, for our past
recklessness and mistakes as a nation. That is why I said that it is a
time of captivity – where God chose to put Nigeria into the kind of
biblical captivity of Assyria and Babylon. And until we repent from our
sins, God may not rescue us. So, it is a time for everybody to repent,
in their small corners, from life of wastage, wickedness and impunity;
and begin to live a life of prudence, love and patriotism.
understanding of the Change Begins with Me campaign is that Nigeria has
come to a point where everybody should accept to begin to discipline
themselves and adopt ways of righteousness and patriotism. But sadly, as
far as the Nigerian economy is concerned, we have only experienced evil
change. We have not seen any good thing in our economy. There may be a
change in attitude whereby people are now being more disciplined and
cautious about indulging in impunity. That is all.

 On the current state of the Nigerian nation?

The current state of the nation is very bad, very hard, very, very much
uncertain, and people are very much discouraged and living with
uncertainty, given the state of the economy and the current biting
economic recession. People are really tired and confused about the
present government. And one is, therefore, wandering where we are
heading in this country. It has become very difficult for the common man
to make three square meals a day; and salaries are not enough to help
workers to cope with the harsh economic realities. The income is getting
minimal even as expenditure keeps rising by the day. Also, the exchange
rate has taken a disgraceful turn under a government that had proudly
promised to make the naira equal or even stronger than the dollar. What
about the rising state of unemployment? Many more of our graduates are
still unemployed. Nothing is happening about that; it has all been
wishful promises hence many of them indulge in crime, even as many
workers are being relieved of their jobs. So, the situation has brought
upon citizens, untold sadness and despondency. A look at our security is
also nothing to write home about.
In some areas there have been
increased cases of kidnapping while cases of armed robbery and terrorism
have continued unabated in other areas. However, we are grateful to God
that some of the terrorists are surrendering their arms and embracing
amnesty. But that notwithstanding, all is not well at all, with Nigeria.
We must sound it: All is not well! Nigeria has become a very difficult
place for people to exist. It is as if we are in captivity; and we are
looking forward to God’s deliverance. In fact, one can say that Nigeria
is in captivity under Buhari’s administration. So, we are still praying
to God to take us back to the promise land, and I know that He will
deliver us.

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