Another inspiring ‘God did it’ story: When two Olabisi Onabanjo University graduates found love!

Story as told by Helen Events Blog

Last weekend, Tunde and Peju got married. We were all classmates at Olabisi Onabanjo University but the most amazing thing about these two is that all through our years in Uni, they never knew they would end up as a couple until 3yrs after.
Sometimes we bother ourselves over somethings we want, things we want God to do in a hurry..we become impatient, we seek God’s face for a while and then we stop believing in him. The truth is God has a perfect time for all the things that concerns us…

If only we are just patient with him. Sometimes, the things we want are staring at us in the face but we don’t pay attention to do it until God shows us. 

That’s what makes him the supreme being. Here’s wishing Tunde and Peju the best in their union.

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