Another explosion rocks Jos; suicide bomber and two others die

Another round of explosion went
off in Jos last night! 

The explosion
occurred around 9pm, along Bauchi Road  near the University of Jos, Jos
North Local Government Area.
Police say the explosion was a botched suicide bombing that was meant
to target an open air viewing of a football match but it failed – it killed just the bomber and two others – a landlord and his son.
The bomber had
approached the Jos View Centre while people were watching Real Madrid play
Atletico Madrid, but failed to get there before his car exploded.
The commissioner of police for Plateau state, has confirmed the incident saying “So far we have three dead, three injured”
The sound of the blast, according to eyewitnesses,
reverberated round the city and was heard around Angwan Rogo area of Jos
North, behind the temporary site of the University of Jos. The sound
was, reportedly, so loud it shook most buildings around the area. It was
heard as far as Bukuru in Jos South, about 12 km from Jos.
The blast followed the twin blasts, which occurred in the same city on Tuesday.
The Tuesday explosion killed no fewer than a hundred people and left many others wounded and hospitalised.

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