​Annie Idibia’s Brother Fiancée cries out after Annie and Her mom stormed her House to Beat Her and Abduct Her kids (Photos)

Fiancée of Annie Idibia’s Brother wisdom, Doris in tears after Annie and
their mum stormed their house to beat her, destroy her properties and
abduct her kids.
Read excerpts from her interview below;

“I’ve been dating to him for over four years now, we have two kids
together and anytime I talk about he coming to see my parents and family
to pay my bride price, he gets angry and furious. Any little thing he
beats me. Before I was working as an official make up artist but how
there’s no work again. Annie Idibia doesn’t want to help me with

Smokes a lot, Indian hemp and anytime we have issues he runs to his
mum and Annie’s house to report me and they come here to beat me. Annie
and her Mom broke my hand 26th of June, 2015.

We only had a little issue this morning and he left home with my
10-months-old baby since morning. I went to their house and they told
the security to lock me outside. I was outside for over two hours. And
then I saw Annie and her mum in the Prado jeep and I was begging them to
give me my child but they told me to come to our house. They beat me
and scattered everywhere. Even the neighbours can bear me witness. They
wanted to take my kids too.

There’s nothing Annie did not say. Insulted my mum family and Annie was
raking in the compound that she’ll accommodate her brother and give him a
wife that they don’t want me again.

They treat me like an orphan. They don’t help me or my family

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