Angela Uyi blasts Charly Boy’s Resume or Resign campaign, says she is against his sentimental ignorance

The Counselor Organisation convener and strong Buhari follower, Angela Uyi has come for her former friend/protest pal Charly Boy!
In a lengthy Facebook post, the Edo born activist shared old nude photos of the Imo born Area Fada and revealed he wasn’t the initiator of the movement! She wrote:

Charly Boy was not the initiator of OurMumuDondo.
I don’t think he has never claimed sole ownership of the movement. The fact that he is pioneering it doesn’t mean he owns it.
Someone sent me the nude photos of the man pioneering the #OurMumuDondo movement. A movement that was created and triggered by my personal person and our collective anger and frustration during the #Occupynass2Unltd protest in Abuja.
That’s another day talk.
I respect CB so much, he is like a father to me but as a daughter to him, I felt ashamed seeing the pictures.
I don’t have anything against Charly Boy because we have done some
collabo in the past but using nude photos in promoting OurMumuDondo or
whatsoever at his age shows he is promoting Mumu that would have a new
national rebirth.
What are we teaching our children?
When we are preaching OurMumuDondo but in the real sense, we have not
been able to exorcise our Mumu how then do we intend to emancipate the
minds of the people we lead from mental poverty?
I am not
against anyone asking PMB to resign but I am against their sentimental
ignorance. You have a copy of the constitution yet you don’t understand
its contents.
I support the Resign or Resume protest because the collective wish of the people supersede personal sentiments.
But why do you ignore methodical exploration yet you want a man who knows what the constitution says to resign.
We the people must fight to become “The Real Deal” to help in moving
our Nation Onward. That Desire Must Drive our Mental Reawakening, So
that the Great Nigeria we seek can be a Possibility in This Lifetime.
We still need genuine Activists and we still need very angry, very
vexed and extremely frustrated citizenry to organize, agitate, and
challenge injustice with movements for real change not based on personal
Don’t misquote me, I support PMB’s resignation but to whom should he handover the totality of power to?
I asked same question yesterday but nobody could give a direct answer and why?
The Mis-Education And Deception Of The Nigerian Is A Profanity That We
Have Willingly Acknowledged By Picking Sentiments Rather Than Facts; By
Presenting Destructive Demonstrative Chronicles Rather Than Methodical
Exploration. We Are A Product Of What We Accept.
Mohammadu Buhari is subject to public criticism but no body will force
him to resign. He would read what the constitution says and honourably
do the needful.
If you ask me, I would have preferred PMB to
conclude his reign while Osinbajo contest using his name and father’s
name in 2019.
It will be a painful repetition.
I want
Buhari to look after his health. I pray for him to be sound again
because if what we heard about him being poisoned is truth then there is
more harm in Aso Rock or someone is playing politics….I will reserve
my comment.
One thing the gods abhor is ABJECT STUPIDITY. Go ask your ancestors.
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