An exam hall meeting and a happily ever after affair! First photos from Sola and Dare’s traditional wedding ceremony

Last year, we featured a young beautiful couple, Sola and Dare Obagbemi on our True Love Story series (HERE). 

We brought you their love story and photos from their Ikoyi registry court, which held on the 23rd of April, 2015.

Our LOVE story

Beautiful Sola who was running late for her NIPR exams in Ikeja, Lagos
that year, 2010 was about to enter the exam venue when she literally
bumped into this young man who eventually stole her tender heart
….nah, they actually bumped into each other.

Afterwards, they started a conversation – a conversation so juicy that they just had to exchange contacts to keep it rolling. 

The conversation never got to end, as more talks and talks evolved from
it…they became good friends, then best friends, BFFs and started
dating about three months later (but not before Sola did some ýanga).
The newest couple in town – Sola and Dare Odegbami

“I gave him tough time small because I wasn’t ready to date anyone while
Í was an undergraduate but we became so close, so close that we
couldn’t just do without each other. He had become a part of me and I
was able to trust him with my heart when he promised to take care of
it.” Sola gushed.

It’s not as if the five years of dating went all rosy but God saw them through the storms, and they came out even stronger.

“It has been God all the way, and I can’t thank God enough for bringing
him my way. My crown, Dare he inspires me a lot and he is my number one
fan and mentor. I can’t wait to start this beginning of forever with my
soul mate and best friend.”
Our PROPOSAL story

Dare put a ring on it and officially asked Sola to be his woman on the 23rd of August, 2014.

It was meant to be Mayowa’s birthday party but he stole the show and of course she said YES!!!

I want to tell
you that I am not only your friend but that my feelings for you run
deep, way deeper than you could ever know  In spite of all that has
happened between us, You’re still the girl I want to be with. If you
will, then I promise I will always be there for you when you need me.
And when I have to be away,  I will take thoughts of you with me.  I
have searched and concluded that there is only you for me. Sola, just
you, I could not be sure of anything more.  I need you Now and Always 
Will you please marry me?

“It was at his best friend’s birthday party. He told me to accompany
him, so I did. Everything was going on perfectly until it was time for
the celebrant to cut the cake. While everyone was standing to shout
cheers, my Dare interrupted. He told everyone that he had an assignment
to do and began by saying ‘Í want to introduce someone to you’.

In my mind, I was like what is this guy doing…but he was still talking.”

Dare called out Sola’s full name and started saying lots of awesome
stuffs about her, how much she meant to him and how he couldn’t
live/survive a day without his heartbeat, how much he had waited for a
day like this to let the world know how much he cherished her and more
sweet talks…of course, Sola felt butterflies in her tummy but “I said
to myself that this is not needed na. It is his friend’s birthday so why
do we have to star the occasion”
She never expected it
After she got the ring…the original birthday boy and his babe

She didn’t know he had much more in store for her. It wasn’t until he
dipped his hand into his pocket and knelt down…that she became
dumbfounded, she actually went ‘Oh my God!!!’

“I didn’t believe it, I always thought I will be smart enough to know
when he will propose if he ever does, but Dare pulled this one through,
he got me. His exact words were ‘will you marry me?’, Of course, why
wouldn’t I but I couldnt look up” 

Imagine feeling hot and Cold at the same time, hun, that was exactly how
Sola felt at the moment but she was able to give the ýes’ answer depite
the unexplainable temperature she was having – courtesy of the bling

“He placed the ring on the right hand and I had to tell him no jor and
change it to the other hand, he was so happy, everyone surrounded us,
and I still couldn’t look up because his friends were alot, my sister
was there too but she was just snapping pictures…so we took me home in
the night and that was it and the journey to planning my wedding began.”

And that is how they decided they belonged with each other, that no
person would fit any better than they…they decided to share one life,
one bed and two hearts as one, for the rest of their lives!
Court wedding

Last weekend, the beautiful couple had their traditional wedding ceremony and here are some first photos from the celebration.

 Prewedding shoot:

Trad photos:


We wish Sola and Dare Obagbemi a happy married life, whoop!


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