Air Nigeria passengers stranded for hours in London, asked to donate money to buy Aviation Fuel

Nawa oh! It’s probably a blessing in disguise…
Over 190 Air Nigeria passengers who arrived the Gatwick
Airport 8:30 on Friday morning to fly back home were allegedly stranded
at the airport for about eight hours.

Local media report that the delay was due to the lack of fuel to fly
the aircraft to Lagos, thus the passengers were asked to contribute
extra £40 each for purchase of ‘Aviation Fuel.

The plane eventually left Gatwick airport at 4:30 pm and arrived Nigeria at about 12:30 today.

However, the passengers were asked come back for their luggage. There
are reports that the passengers are planning to sue the airline company
and it’s chairman, Jimoh Ibrahim for the delay and their yet-to-be
released luggage.

Nawa oh…

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