Agbani Darego suffers wardrobe malfunction at sister’s wedding

Agbani Darego’s younger sister, Nengi Darego got married on the 6th of April in Port Harcourt to her heartthrob, Chubike Asuzu.

hot Nigerian-international model, Agbani Darego was spotted at her
younger sister wearing the above dress which left her boobs spilling
out.  Of course the outfit has sparked up lots of negative comments on
the social media, you get to see comments like
 “Agbani what happened to your boobs? Why are they sagging?
 “Uneven boobs, bad boob job.”  
 “Is that Agbani with her open breast? Foolish! May be that is why her younger sister got married before her.”
Guys what do you think of her boobs? Do you think that the people are being fair or not?
Lol, but really did Agbani Darego have to expose that?! #Justasking
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