Actress Judith Audu mourns the death of her beautiful friend who was a corper (Photos)

Nollywood filmmaker and actress, Judith Audu Foght (left)  took to
her Face
book page days ago, to mourn the young
lady, Blessing (right) who appears to be a corps member!
She wrote:

“We can’t question God but somethings hurt so bad that sometimes I do
wish I can get answers WHY!!! WHY!!! WHY!!! Why Someone so full of life,
so young, so amiable, always smiling, always so joyful, always
peaceful, always bubbling, no matter how much you yab her she never gets
angry atleast I have never seen her angry and have known her from when
she was so little…why her life was cut short at such a young age I
will never understand…after all the hard years in School now that she
wants to start living she just left…Blessing… we will miss you…we miss you…I feel bad I didn’t check
on you more often after the wedding…no death has hurt me like this
after my father’s death…you were like a younger sister, you had a
spark…such powerful positive energy… you had your entire life ahead
of you…I was waiting to get a call back that maybe you slipped into
Coma and will be revived … Our Miss Uniben… you have gone just like
that, still in disbelief… You left too soon, too soon!!! God!!!! I
pray you rest in Perfect peace lil Sis”

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