Abuja young ladies now turn drivers, Power-bikers, ushers and bouncers (photos)

culled from dailystar
The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the world.
This statement has always been justified through the various
innovations the city continues to witness even with the influx of
different people into the capital city.
Most girls in the FCT are either engaged in Sugar daddy business, executive prostitution or ‘One Chance’.
This, our reporter said was one of the reasons the FCT
administration now uses the Military to harass young girls at clubs and
on the streets of the capital city. Those who dress transparently or
half-naked are often used as scapegoats.
However, the trend is changing as some journalists recently ran
into some group of young girls who now call themselves protocol 101.
These young girls have decided to change the trend, and to use their
beauty to add colour to the city that is now considered one of the
biggest in the world.
The young ladies who were seen in numbers and beautifully dressed
were at various events, adding colour, class, grandeur and ‘swag’ to
those events.
 Recently at various weddings and major events in Abuja, they were been used as pickups and for personal show-off.
They chauffeur VIPs to events, keep them entertained and run
various services for such VIPs; who knows what happens in the dark?  It
is an all female logistic/service group of young, beautiful ladies,
consisting of Drivers, power-bikers, Bouncers, Protocols and Ushers.

This is what one of them said,” So much Millions is spent on the
stylish looks of couples during weddings as well as the “interior”
decorations of Event Venues, leaving out an equally important component
of a successful event, the “exterior”. Your movement in and out of an
event should be as celebrated as the other components. We are set to
bridge the gap. We are bridge builders. We celebrate the
“Exterior/Logistics” of every event. Your “memorable day” is not
complete without us.”

We were told that one Nicky Nwadinobi is in charge.

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