A True Love Story! ‘Our church meeting was divine’ – Tolu and Tope re-count their three months of bliss

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Happy Monday Guys! We’ve got a beautiful wedding/love story for y’all, whoop whoop.

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Tope and Tolu

Temitope Jennifer & Tolulope John are our KFB couple of the week…the lovebirds call each other T.J while friends call them T.J square!
The love birds who got married three months ago in Abuja, prefer each other’s company to anything else in  the world; they spend their weekends in each other’s arms, watching TV and whispering sweet nothings to each other.
Oh, they love love love listening to Davido’s Ekuro song, watching movies together & analyzing them.

As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You
Will Never Fail

“Tolu makes me smile & laugh a lot with his
naughty pranks. He’s so playful, he jokes a lot. He pulls a lot of funny
pranks that would make me just laugh & laugh…you never know what’s next with him. He
could just come back home with a lovely gift just to say “I love you” or “thank you for being my wife”.

Friends Yesterday, Lovers Today, Soul mates Forever

He calls me almost every hour to check up on me  &
say I love you…He always listens to me and my gist even when the gist is boring, lol…I know he’s going to
be a very good father because he will make his kids laugh a lot. ” Tope says.
How we met:
“It’s a divine connection because we
met in church.
I was in my final semester in university then, and
anytime I went home on holiday, when I go to church I would see him.”
Yeah! She was instantly attracted to him. She even told two of her
closest friends in school then about him…
“One of them insisted that I
go and talk to him first since I was interested in him but I said I would
never do that.” She excitedly disclosed.

Happiness Is Being
Married To Your Best Friend

As fate would have it too, Tolu was attracted to beautiful Tope. He loved the way she smiled, her gentleness, sexiness and so much more.
Anyways, they didn’t stop ‘eye-ing’ each other and exchanging glances in church but none was ready to make the first move.

If I Could Reinvent The Alphabet, I Would Put U And I Together

Months later, Tope graduated from school and while doing her thanksgiving in church, a certain handsome and elderly doctor took interest in her.

Our trad. cake
Three words, eight Letters, all for one person, I Love You!

 “We instantly became
friends…but I didn’t know that the elderly doctor was T.J’s dad. It wasn’t until he introduced me to his
family one day after church that I realized he’s the father of
my” Tope further disclosed.

When I Count My Blessings I Count You Twice

“Anyways, his dad’s birthday party came up and
guess who was asked to cater for the event…my mum…”unknown to Tope, Tolu
was the mastermind that suggested her mum (an events’ planner) to his dad…

Because you have my heart, I am asking for your hand.

 “He wanted mumsy to cater for
the party, hoping I would come & that would give him a chance to
talk to me…Anyways, my mum asked
me to help her supervise the event and since I had nothing doing for the day I accompanied mumsy….that was the day we started talking, we exchanged
contacts…now 2 years later,  we are married”

You & Me… So Happy Together

Our proposal story:
He proposed twice – in private and publicly.

I love thee with the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.

went out to lunch one Sunday afternoon in February, I was actually very
tired that day & I didn’t want to go out but he insisted and came
to pick me up.

You’re my My First, My Last and My Everything

We got to the restaurant and unknown to me he had already
planned with the waiter.

Since I met you, we has become more magical than you or I.

 So we placed our orders and while we waited we
asked for drinks. The waiter brought the drinks and also brought a rose
flower, I noticed the flower but sincerely I didn’t read much meaning to it…I felt it was their usual way of entertaining couples in the love month – February.”
On noticing that she didn’t pick up the flower, Tolu picked it up, opened it & brought out the most beautiful ring! He smiled and asked T.J to marry him…

Two Souls Entwined in the mystery of God’s Love

  “I was so shocked…I was just staring at him. Then I realized that all eyes were on us, everyone
in the restaurant was looking at us…I accepted the ring but I didn’t say yes”
On realizing that she didn’t say yes, Tolu decided to propose again but this time he made it private. “Later that month, in a more private environment, it was
just the two of us & this time I said a very big YES! But I already
had the ring!”

“You hear my thoughts, understand my dreams and fill my life with joy

Our traditional engagement day:
“You see, T.J is a helpless romantic, while I’m not so romantic. It wasn’t quite easy at first
but we are working it out.  Everyday it’s one romantic thing or the
other. Our traditional
engagement was on the same day as my birthday. I was hoping he would forget (due to the running here and there for our trad. wedding) so I would accuse him later, but surprisingly, I woke up
that day to a lovely message from him.
His friends soon arrived with lot of gifts from him just to
say “happy birthday”. I was so happy!

I will treasure you in the
mornings, evenings and for the rest of my living years.”
Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

Challenges we encountered:
Our major challenge was my dad. It
took him a while before he finally gave his consent but he was only
being an over protective father.

Happy groom
Oya komole…Oko Iyawo
The prostration act

He asked.. She said yes.. They said I DO
Beautiful Tope shows off her ivie-uru (Beaded necklaces), hand beads – ivie-ebo, earrings – emi-ehorivie, and a poncho like cape/beaded top called ewu-ivie.

Tope in her elaborate beaded bridal wear – complete with a crown and accessories

Tope and friends
The beautiful bride on her wedding morning…
Tope and her bridal train

Our ‘3rd month’ anniversary:
These 3
months of our lives have been wonderful, the journey has been fantastic. We
are still in the “settling down & getting to know how to live with
each other” phase, so definitely we have had our ups & downs but God
is helping us daily. I’m learning a lot from him, the way he listens to
me, the way he corrects in love, the way he apologizes, the way he
helps out at home, it’s just an unexplainable experience.

I pronounce you hubby and wifey…
Our Cake
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, We’re Inseparable
Twenty five years from now, we’l be watching our kids get married 🙂
I will show no shame to scream my love for you out loud all over the land.

highlight of my day is when he returns from the office, walks through
the front door and gives me a loving hug & kiss! Awwww! it makes my day…I thank God for bringing him into my life & I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”

Tope and a friend
U Me Aur Hum
Throwing of the bouquet
He is not perfect, she is not perfect but we are perfect for each other!
Daddy-daughter dance
Daddy-daughter dance
The most important gift that I give you this day is the Key to my Heart
When I look into your eyes
You’re a blessing in disguise
Eh, you make me wanna do the ring-around the roses
And I love the way you smile
While I give it to you nice…Ekuro la labaku ewa
You give me  these thoughts of tingle in my heart…Esu oni le ya wa
Iwo sha ni te mi

We cut the cake!!!
Thank you all for coming to our wedding…we love you!

Thank you all for coming to our wedding…we love you!
Thank you all for coming to our wedding…we love you!
Our thanksgiving!!!
“My love for you is like a jungle, impossible for any other man to ever find
the way through. 
They could try, but would only get hurt, because you’re a very
special man no one could compare with”

KFB wishes T.J Square a fabulous and wonderful marital life!Got
a wedding you’l like to feature on the KFB True love story series, you
can contact us via [email protected] If you missed last week’s
TLS, you can view it HERE.

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