A True Love Story! Henry Ogunjimi quits bacherlorhood as Adenike steals his heart

  1., Henry Ogunjimi is the happiest man on earth at the moment – having to marry that beautiful woman you completely adore and love so much; the one woman that makes your heart beat so fast and makes you feel complete, yeah!

Henry Ogunjimi quit bachelorhood on the 7th of September when he walked the aisle with his woman, Adenike Oluwafemi, to the admiration of their parents; Mr and Mrs A.J Oluwafemi and Mr and Mrs E.I Ogunjimi, friends and family members at Saint Stephens primary school ground in Aromoko Ekiti.

Of course, every beautiful wedding that’s featured on KFB has got its’ unique love story and Henry narrated theirs thus:
“We met here in Lagos in September 2009 in a transit…we got talking and while alighting from the transit I got her phone number. From there we became friends – innocent friends with no special strings attached, as a matter of fact I was more of a mentor to her when we initially became friends”

The official dating started when the lady he hoped to marry didn’t take him serious – and to think that it’s now a blessing in disguise! He soon realized that Adenike was beginning to fit into the perfect vision of his dream woman – she’s beautiful, caring, she listens, peaceful and amazing!

Following the nature of his job – ardent reporter/producer with Channels TV, he rarely has the time to think or plan for marriage but one morning…
Henry and Nike

“I was dressing up for work and I looked in the mirror and decided that it was time. Right there I knew in my heart that I was ready for marriage” wow, just like that!

So, he approached his mum immediately to tell her that he was ready to quit the bachelorhood but when he did, his mum’s reaction was kinda discouraging – they disagreed at the first.

“Is it not too soon? who are you getting married to? the notice is too short o…” she said (she probably wasn’t ready to let go of her son; the baby she carried in her womb for nine months, watched him grow into a toddler, a boy, a teenager and then a man and then giving his hand to another woman, awww!) but when Henry’s dad was brought into the picture, they all reached a mutual understanding.

On the completion of task one, Henry forged ahead to task two which was proposing to Adenike.
 “When I proposed, she was silent for a while, I guess she wasn’t sure I meant it….but after being silent, my sweetheart said YES and my joy knew no bounds” Henry excitedly disclosed.
So, they began to make plans for the wedding, telling everyone that cared to listen that they were getting married. They fixed the wedding date and decided to get married in Ekiti state – Bride’s parents’ home – whoop!
See wedding photos below:
Henry and Nike at the registry
Signed, Sealed & Delivered!
The couple at their engagement ceremony
Henry Ogunjimi and friends getiing ready to prostrate (tradition)
He was probably thinking “can’t wait to get hold of Nike tonight”
Henry and close friend, Niyi
Beautiful Adenike
The latest couple in town
Henry carries his bride

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KFB wishes the
newly wed couple a fruitful and happy married life!
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