A True Love Story! “He makes me tingle…we’ll be loving each other a long time” – Ese Walter and Benny Ark

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Moments shared with you are my happiest!

So, meet our beautiful couple of the week – the Arks – On air personality and writer Ese Walter and Cool FM Abuja presenter Benny Ark.
we know you have seen some of their wedding photos on the blogosphere but KFB brings you their exclusive love story and never-before
seen wedding photos.

Like every other love story where Boy meets girl and  fall in love,  the ‘Arks’ started out as ‘hello’ ‘hi’ friends until they exchanged contacts one fateful day and then months after, they are man and wife 🙂
The Abuja-based radio personalities had their traditional wedding on the 8th of March – Benny’s birthday
and had their white wedding on the 29th of March – Ese’ birthday, how
Narrating their beautiful love story, the excited groom, Benny, in an exclusive interview with KFB said “The first time we met
was at Cool FM studio. Ese used to be a guest on a show before mine and I
saw her a few times. We didn’t say more than hello in all occasions.
The first time we had a real conversation was when I ran into her at a
plaza where her Mum’s children’s shop is located. Or rather, she ran
after me when she saw me getting into my car.

Moments shared with you are my happiest!


want us to be that couple that really does stay together. Where
everyone is like, “Wow, they’re still together?” I never want to stop
falling in love with you. And I want to be able to look beside me and
have you next to me anywhere that life decides to take me. I love you so
Our first words:
Her first word to me was a question, she asked if I was Benny Ark and
mine was an answer yes…lols! We struck up a conversation and exchanged
Months after that conversation, we are man and wife 🙂  When I am with her, I feel like am over the moon! I
love my life, I love my wife, my heart has found its home within her heart!!!”


Baby let’s show them how we roll in style.
A moment in my arms, forever in my heart




How he proposed:
“I knew I was going to propose to Ese when I realized I couldn’t do life
without her anymore and wanted us to continue life together. The
proposal came as a surprise to her over a dinner with her sister and
husband, her friend (chief bridesmaid) and mutual friends of ours. I
called them up and told them my plan to propose to Ese.

They were in the
restaurant when we got there and Ese had no idea the proposal was going
to happen. Just before we started eating, I decided to say a prayer
over the meal and the prayer was my asking Ese to marry me.

Whoop, I’m off ‘that’ market

She said and
I quote, “I’m going to have to think about that.” Well, turns out the
thought paid off and here we are today, man and wife. team BE :)”

I will be your strength as you have been mine, desire your best and highest good to manifest itself in your life. I ❤ You

Gushing about her soul mate and bunny of life, Ese says “We started from the bottom
now we here. Benny
is my lover and best friend, he makes me tingle. He never gave up on
me. At some point he was the only one in my life who kept believing even
when I didn’t believe in myself.  He is my everything. He makes me come
alive. He wakes up the gifts in me. He is my one, my only, my
protector, my cover, my king, my lord! I
love him with every fiber in my being.”

Don’t ask “Me” why “I love you”, Because I will have to explain to “You” why “I Live
Yeah, we hang out alot 😉

Now we leave you to enjoy their wedding photos:

Court wedding

“My Lover, My Best Friend”
This is my promise to you for the world to see. Just how much you really mean to me. I promise to always love you.
We came, we saw, we conquered…we are one!
Trad wedding photos

White Wedding photos:

Couple and parents
I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness
“I turned to face him…he caught my wrist…the little space between us boiled my
blood…I’m not thinking
straight, I took a deep breath.


He brought his face towards mine and said to me “You are mine”

There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.
We are the perfect couple”
KFB wishes the “Arks” a fabulous and wonderful marital life. …oh by the way, the lovebirds send greetings from Dubai where they are having a fantastic honeymoon ;).
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Have a great week Kfbers!
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