A True Love Story! “Friends always tease the couple about giving birth to a GENIUS” – Deola and Taiwo

Whoop, it’s December…..happy new month kfbers!

Meet our couple of the week – Deola and Taiwo, courtesy f our beloved wedding photographer, Kevin Obosi. They got married last September in the lovely city of Leicester.

Narrating his pre-wedding photo session with the couple, Kevin said “Back in August, the lovely couple was in London for their pre-wedding photo-shoot during a weekend break. Little did I know DEOLA had been a follower on Instagram with another
alias, the husband would reveal this to me later during the session.
And sort of like my work (Thanks D)

It was my very first proper physical meeting with the couple, after series of chat on the phone as they plan their wedding.

The couple who had been friends for some years, according to DEOLA,
he never knew Taiwo was ever going to ask her out, he was always taking
her round each time she was in the UK on vacation…a sort of her

A little ‘birdie’ told me on one of DEOLA’s vacations to the UK, her
birthday actually came up and TAIWO spared nothing to make the day
grand…but the ‘NICE MAN’ had his plans up his sleeves…

When Deola eventually move to Leicester for her Masters Program three
years ago was when the ‘MASTER MATHEMATICIAN’ ‘broke the ice’ and it
was ‘whirlwind’ romance from then on for the couple. Interestingly Taiwo
actually hold a Ist Class Degree in Mathematics from a UK
University..Little wonder his Uni Kept him to pass on his ‘ingenuity’ to
their students.
Here are my fav from the Pre-wedding Session:

Friends always tease the couple about giving birth to a ‘GENIUS’
anytime soon since the hubby teaches Mathematics at the University and
the Wife holds a Masters Degree in Management…both combination should
produce nothing but the next ‘Einstein’…..Hahahahah….
On the wedding proper
“I had an awesome timing photographing this amazingly nice and humble
couple. I arrived Leicester on a breezy Wednesday night, DEOLA + TAIWO,
made sure I was very comfy, checked me into a nice hotel for a couple of
nights where I was spoilt rotten with nothing spared.

Then came the day, arrived at DEOLA’s apartment in the morning, the
whole place was agog, a few minutes into the preparation, I saw DEOLA,
in a very emotional Tet-a-tet with her Dotting Dad…it really was very
emotional and it did HIT everyone around, watching a Daddy-Daughter in
tears is what I see all the time at weddings, and each time it does gets
me, bearing in my mind am a Dotting father of 3 beautiful girls..I know
how they feel…

The couple who fell in love 3 years ago after Deola moved to
Leicester for her Masters Degree Program, this was when TAIWO the man
they call the ‘MASTER MATHEMATICIAN’ (TAIWO actually Holds A First Class
Degree in Mathematics) eventually ask the lovely Deola out…and the rest
they say is history….

You sure can tell a couple who’s having a fab time on their wedding
day…DEOLA + TAIWO did just that..and am sure every photographers love to
see couple have fun on their wedding day.

Congratulations guys, what an amazing weekend it was and thank you so much for bringing me out to photograph your special day.” Kevin Obosi quipped.
KFB wishes Deola and Taiwo a fabulous and wonderful marital

Have a great week Kfbersand as you admire the wonderful things God has
made today, remember you’re one of them – wonderful inside and out. You’re
blessed. You’re special. You’re loved…xoxo.

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