A True Love Story! East meets West – Daniel weds Seyi

It’s a new month people, make some noise!!!

Happy new month darlings!!! For some reason, we are super excited and elated this morning, and we sure hope you are too – even if it seems all hope is lost and the end is near, we tell you sweetheart…only the living can see another day, make better plans, and reap the fruits of their labor.. Only the living can praise the lord!!! Rejoice…
Oh by the way,  did you know September is the ninth month and the only month
with the same number of letters in its name in English as the number of the month?!

Okies back to business….our couple for the week, Seyi and Daniel spell LOVE!

Their wedding photographer, Ogheneworo Akara had quite a lot to say about them.
“Seyi and her mum approached me close to a year ago now in respect to this wedding.

I remember meeting them at a fast food along the Gbagada expressway to finalize many hours of phone talk and seal the date for Seyi and Daniel’s wedding.

Seyi had this beautiful surname. Such a beautiful name that giving it away must have
been love. This was a cross cultural wedding in all ramifications with strong elements of the Yoruba race mixing with the Igbo peoples way of doing things.

There were also strong influences from the Ghanaian people and finally the specter of the Portuguese hung low
above all that was done.

Difficult to fathom right? Trust me I feel the same way.

This whole ceremony started from the day when Daniel met Seyi and proposed with a confident ‘ I give you this ring……

From then on of course the preparation for this day had started. Seyi did not wait for Sitpretty to start work on her face to know she was already preparing for her wedding day. 

Daniel was a man in love. He pulled his entire family from the east of Nigeria to come and prove that love to Seyi.

And as Seyi sat eagerly getting ready to show herself to her husband’s people, 

Daniel was walking into the arena of love with a smile on his face…………
What he was thinking? Ask him………Daniel! What where you thinking?

I have not told you guys this but I can read minds. Not every mind though, just those of people older than me.  These  men’s minds were thinking, Seyi has done us proud. This is fine stock.

Seyi’s mom on the other hands was thinking, What a handsome young man. My daughter obviously heard all I told her well.
Remember the Ghanaian influence i told you about? Look properly.

Of course, Ibo or not when you come for a Yoruba woman’s hand in marriage you lie face down to beg for it………………..

Meanwhile, the sisi was taking her time to get ready inside.

…………and, Isn’t she lovely?

Seyi was in a hurry. She practically ran out to meet her groom

This lovely couple had time for their photographs. Seyi kept saying she was not ready to compromise on this. See their photographs together below. 
You have seen Seyi and Daniels Traditional Wedding – a beautiful wedding ceremony
infused with culture.
Before the wedding, we had taken time to do a pre-wedding session for them.
Just sit back quietly and enjoy this beautiful rendering of love as it was captured.                                  

To book for your weddings, send a mail to [email protected] That said, KFB wishes Daniel and Seyi a fabulous and wonderful marital life.
Have a great week Kfbersand as you admire the wonderful things God has made today, remember you’re one of them – wonderful inside and out. You’re blessed. You’re special. 
 You’re loved…xoxo.

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