A single lady’s letter to her future husband

Hi Kemi, kindly help share on your blog, thank you!
My Love,
          Its with tears I am writing this to you. I am
writing this after series of heartaches and pain. Each time I meet
someone, I mistake him for ‘YOU’. It seems all sweet at first and then
‘POW’, the scales fall of my eyes and I realize this can never be YOU!
You’ll never leave me broken, NO, you love me too much for that. You
see through me and appreciate my shower of love and respect for you.
        You won’t treat me like those selfish jerks who dish out the very thing they wouldn’t take!
Ife mi, I don’t know exactly what you look like, but I know that you
radiate sweetness, you appreciate the extremely good heart I have which
has been stretched, broken and shredded by the people who deceived me
into thinking they were YOU!
      If only you know ife mi, if only
you know how I wish you were here with me now. I wish you could pull me
out of this emotional bondage. You do not know how painful it feels to
be rejected.
       I have faced enough rejection. Enough to last me a
life time. It depresses me so much, I start to cry and wonder if it
isn’t best to remain single. But despite my travail, I still have space
to think of you and the joy you’ll bring me when I finally meet you.
Life is full of selfish people, I know that for sure. But I know you
are not selfish because somewhere in your tiny heart, you are thinking
of me too and wondering when I would come.
       I know our children
would be very beautiful and brilliant (from my genes)but if you are
cute and intelligent too, then we’ll produce geniuses!
       I just
want to let you know a few more things about me. I am chubby (a size 14)
because I binge when I am sad,though I plan to start working out soon. I
am dark, I am not after the bleaching craze, I am extremely loving and
romantic, I would gladly spend my last dime just to see you smile as
that would make me smile too. I am the most selfless person you would
ever know. I don’t like arguments, they break me. And I can’t keep
malice or bear to see us unhappy because of a flimsy quarrel.
hope you like home cooked meal, because I absolutely love cooking and I
hope you start learning how to dote on a woman because I love
      I do not ask for much financially, just be
comfortable and show me you have prospects and we’ll click cos I’m a
home builder and I wouldn’t mind extra motivation from you.
Let me stop here darling. It’s one of those nights, I am broken, my eyes
are running, my nose is blocked, my heart is heavy. But I am here,
waiting for sleep to come and praying that in my dream tonight, I’ll see
you and you’ll tell me precisely when you are coming.
     I love you DFH, see you soon! XOXO

BTW I found this article, (WHAT NOT TO TELL A SINGLE WOMAN) hope you guys enjoy it! Oh, if you are single/unmarried and you reside in Lagos and you are free on the 28th of this month, you might want to honor this invitation (HERE)

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