A man of God should NOT always be around the president – Catholic Bishops are ANGRY with Oritsejafor

Oh dear, the leadership of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of
Nigeria (CBCN) is not pleased with the president of Christian
Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, and the reason is not unconnected with $9.3m smuggling scandal.

Speaking on the BBC Hausa service on behalf of the Catholic Bishops,
 Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama, Archbishop of Jos and President of CBCN,
accused the CAN president of smearing the image of the Christian
Association of Nigeria, saying it was wrong for his private plane to be
associated with the controversial arms deal in South Africa.
The Bishops said military aircrafts could have been conveniently used for that purpose.
“We have been watching with sadness how Oristejafor has been
hobnobbing with the Presidency for long, he is dragging Christianity
into the mud. It is not proper, the guilty must be punished. It is not
acceptable for a Christian leader to be seen always with the President.
 We in the Catholic have always picked holes in Oritsejafor’s style of
leadership in CAN and we even wanted to stop attending CAN meetings at
the national level” he said.
The CAN president is yet to react.


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