A mail from police officers to the Inspector General of police

So I got this mail from a KFB reader who wants and hopes to get the attention of the inspector General of police. 
The mail reads thus (had to rephrase some words though…):
Kemi, some police officers who went for promotion course at Maiduguri ha(ve) not been paid their promotion course Allowances and (Arrears) in Lagos State (and this) is unfair.
(Please) the INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE should (Intervene) and look into the matter for them because we heard (that) (the) Lagos state Headquarters Annex has paid their officers except for MSS Ikeja and this is too bad.
They even sen(t) them alerts that the sum was ready, but when they reach(ed) the bank, they were told they’l be paid (at the) ending of January  yet other states including Lagos state Headquarters Annex have paid their Police Officers Since Nov/Dec 2013 – this means there (are) some people who are trying to embezzle the money.
Please help them update this matter on your blog because they don’t really know much about Internet but want the IG to see it.

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