A letter from Kemi Filani to the amazing you (kfber) :)

A photo of me taken weeks ago or so…
Dear Reader
Oh wow, I can’t believe that I am actually doing this!!!
Many of you have always wanted to know the ‘face’ behind the blog and even though it’s so hard breaking out of my shell of shyness to do this…you, my highly esteemed reader, deserves this…so here we go…*takes a deep sigh….flutters eyelashes*
I am now going to share a story of me, a few of my photos and my journey through 2014 with you below…I truly hope you enjoy it:

This was taken in February or thereabout…

A few things you should know about me: I am petite  and I have got a tiny voice which could pass for that of a child, I am super shy, reserved…and could be stubborn sometimes, lol. 

I love my laptop, gadgets and bed to a fault…I love LOVE stories,  weddings (you knew that already ;)), Movies (Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Bollywood and Nollywood) and good music 🙂

main purpose of writing this letter is to let you
know how much I appreciate you, dear kfber, you have kept me going. Your mails (to all the mails
i didn’t respond to, i apologize, the junk of
emails i receive daily can be crazy but i read them all, that i do
comments (Please dear kfber, I know it could be stressful commenting on posts, but please don’t just read the posts, a comment or two from you will do in 2015. Also, let’s try to be nice with the comments so that I can always
approve them all
) and most importantly, to tell you how far God has
brought me.

Took this recently in one of the much talked about events in Lasgidi…dress by Tobi Admos

I honestly dunno where to start from but the summary of it all is that this year has been ah-mazing. You see, I started 2014 on a bad note, things weren’t working out the way I planned, it seemed like every time I got my act together and found a
schedule that worked, something would throw me off balance and then I
had to start all over again. I have been through so much: physically, financially, emotionally,
spiritually and in every aspects of my life.

I think this was taken in August…yea, I do #selfies too

At a point, I sank into depression, battled low self esteem, fear and more…I was depressed for weeks. I couldn’t tell anyone, not even my closest pal in the world (my sister) anything. I was suffering in silence yet smiling to the world. My faith in God was shaken.

In Tobi Admos…

I sought solace in coming online, sourcing for news and more, but it got bad in April that I nursed the idea of committing suicide.
Yea, it was around that period I blogged about several suicide stories including that of an OAU student that killed himself in his hostel or so, and i thought myself “You can do this tooo kemi, what more could you possibly get from life….at least your death will be published on blogs...” BUT i thank God I survived.
At the end of April, I was made whole…God brought me helpers and true friends. It was after then i started the every Sunday KFB ‘Only God Could Have Done This Column’ with the hopes that I would share my story someday..and now I have, whoop!
Things started falling into places, my academics, work, i had joy, laughter, love, Jesus!

A photo of me and friends at a wedding months ago

Several times I miraculously escaped death this year (road accidents),  night crawling (getting home very late, as late as 11pm sometimes, a risky movement for a young lady) yet God kept me.

Was I crying in that photo, lol…I was actually overwhelmed #October11
Ramat, Kemi, Mrs Folagbade

Martha, Ramat, Kemi, Tolu, Essiet, Bukola

This year, I had the best birthday celebration ever, my friends made it a memorable one for me and i felt so special….this year, I made more friends, lost friends. I cried, I laughed….met great people, took risks that paid off and most of all, I had fun!

Dang! I was nominated for the ELOY awards 2014, it was such an honor to be nominated alongside best bloggers that actually inspired me to start this blog fully in February, 2013…and yes, congrats to SisiYemmie for winning  the blogger of the year award, she deserved it and more, whoop!

This I took a few weeks ago

Oh by the way, I apologize for letting you down many times this year especially this last quarter, been slacking (covers face), it’s all due to my busy schedules but it would be better in 2015, that I assure you.

I started the KFB best friends alert but went MIA, same for the KFB health talk..inconsistent movie reviews and even the KFB True Love Story series, I lost my mojo (in terms of the captions) it’s all due to the several activities i had going this year but it will be different in 2015 by God’s grace.

This Pose I cherish

All our columns: KFB Weddings/True Love Story, Foodie Talk, Health Talk, Movie, Best Friends Alert, Only God could have done this,  will be back for GOOD and we will be introducing a new one #KFBTours – here i would go on trips once a month (hopefully) and share my experience with you…:)

A photoshoot I had in 2013 for Dare Sagoe
Now 2014 is coming to an end and as I write you this letter I’m filled with
so much joy and happiness. God continually blesses me beyond measure. I’m so
happy. It’s crazy. Doors of greatness are opening unto me and I cannot praise
God enough…p.s, I can’t wait to share my LOVE story with you all on the KFB TLS  someday 🙂
Kfber, as you step into 2015…
1. Breathe:
Take some time to live in the right
2. Do you:
When you do what makes you happy,
everything else falls into place.



 3. Shed Your Light:
Next time someone gets on your
nerves, try conquering them with kindness.



4. Love is a virus:
Don’t work so hard. Just sit back, relax and wait for love
to happen to you.



5. The Key to success:
Fall down six times, stand up seven. 
6. Dreams Versus Reality:
It’s easy to waste time wondering
why your dreams won’t come true instead of spending time making them come true.
Vote – It’s not enough to keep complaining about all
the things that are wrong with Nigeria. It’s time to actually do
something about it. You can start by going out to vote in 2015.
Take a risk – 2015 is the year to take that step
you’ve always wanted to take. Don’t be afraid of failure
Speak less, act more – Speak less in 2015 and act more. Don’t be
an empty barrel. Channel your energy into taking action.
Touch a life –Let 2015 be the year that you go out
of your way to touch somebody else’s life. You’ve been living for
yourself so far. It’s time to do something different. Be kind to people
that may never be able to pay you back.
Increase your streams of income – Empower yourself
in the New Year. Money is important; it’s necessary. Cease every
opportunity you get to increase your streams of income.
Treat yourself well – As you work hard and strive to
make more money, ensure you take time out to treat yourself. You can do
it monthly or quarterly
Less social media, more real time communication
Social media, even though it is such a great platform, has created some
sort of false world. Face-to-face communication is now like gold these
days. In 2015, engage in more real time communication. Visit loved ones.
Call the people you care about. You can take it a step further; write a
letter. No; not via email, a real letter.
Get closer to God – You need God more than ever in
the New Year, especially to achieve those goals. So get closer to Him.
Be thankful – In all things, be thankful. Let this
statement guide you throughout 2015. Choose to be thankful instead of
lamenting over things you have no control over.
Love with an open heart – Finally, love with an open
heart. Yes there is a risk that people will hurt you and take advantage
of you. Love them anyway. Let love radiate from within you and let it
be felt by everyone around you, even your subordinates.
In all that you do and regardless of what the situation is
as you read this, always remember that God is your source and he’ll always have
you covered.

Always, remember that you are one of the wonderful things God has made – wonderful inside and out. You’re
blessed. You’re special. You’re loved…you mean a lot to me…xoxo….Have a gracious 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kemisola Filani


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