A first of its kind: A Pre-wedding shoot by the railway (photos)


We know it’s nnot Monday yet but we have decided to give a multiple dose of love, love and love stories this week :).

 Top wedding photographer, Ogheneworo Akara has just shared this ah-mazing pre-wedding shoot  of Shalewa and Osagie with us.

How Shalewa and Osagie met: 

We met in my office, he came to visit his uncle who is the Managing
director of where I work. As he was coming in,  I was about to go buy
something outside, I saw the young handsome bobo step in with his friend
and I turned back just to see that handsome bobo again. The moment he
went upstairs to meet his uncle, I immediately turned to my colleagues
saying, gosh that dude is handsome.

Meanwhile he was already scoping me and I didn’t know about that.
After he left his cousin called me immediately  to ask if he can give
Osagie my number and I was like no ( I was just fronting), for days
osagie started coming to my office almost everyday just to come see my
face and finally I gave him my number and that was how it all started.
We clicked instantly, we became insparable. We were always together. He
calls me first thing in the morning, picks me up to work and from work
and all.
Osagie is just the perfect Christmas gift God gave me, He is so so so
caring (heard that is how Edo men are), he is a replica of my father
maybe that is why it was so easy for me to fall in love with him. He is
my best friend, my father, my first child, my all in all am so fond of
him and I bless God for giving me a man like him.

We very early on an environmental saturday at the railway corporation offices where we used their tracks.  
And had a symbol of the their journey to forever in the trains.

The very first time I saw Shalewa,  I knew right there and then that I
have found the woman for me.  I was thrilled because her smile was
heavenly. Anyone that knows Shalewa will know she has a very wonderful
smile. I couldn’t let her just go like that. I got to know her and I
found out she was a sweet, caring ,loving, God Fearing, hardworking,
entrepreneur and a wonderful cook and I was like I will not let this
kind of a rare person go. I didn’t have to waste time since I know what I
wanted and I had found it. I proposed days to Christmas because I
wanted to give her the perfect Christmas gift.

The Proposal:
As usual he loves to see my face and as a marketer he goes round so
at times he can just call me am in front of your office can u just come
out. So on that faithful day he called me to come out ,went to meet him
and saw him with his colleagues and I just greeted them casually then he
left. 30 mins later I saw my colleagues coming downstairs to my sit and
I was like what is happening then the next thing I saw my very own bobo
coming in and with his colleagues and his good friend ( Denuola ) and I
just started smiling and I was like today ain’t my birthday what is
happening then he went down on his knee and asked the question.Of course
I said Yes cuz that is all have been praying for. I never wanted to
loose this sweet dude called Osagie and now he is mine forever.

which we moved to the beach later that evening to capture the couple in
play mood and create a sunset silhouette of them both for the walls of
their homes. 
This was my favourite photograph of the lot.

wanted the Lekki bridge in her photographs, and so we had to cross into
Banana Island to take a photograph of them with the bridge in the
I always say the most difficult thing to hide in this world is two
people in love. These two stuck out like goldfishes and we had fun
shooting this whole session.

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