’90 percent of Pastors are having a hard time in this lockdown’, Popular Kano prophet cries out

Prophet Emmanuel Ameh

A popular Kano prophet and Founder and General Overseer of Divine Fountain Prophetic Gospel Center, Kano, Prophet Emmanuel Ameh, has said that most men of God are passing through great difficulty during this lockdown period.

According to him, they experience same sufferings just as some of their members do.

The Prophet has been one of the supporters of lockdown and suspension of religious activities since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pandemic in other to curtail its spread.

In a series of messages made available to newsman Gbenga Shaba, Ameh said; “Do You Know 90 percent of Pastors are having hard time in this lockdown? Do you know Pastors are afraid being called beggars, even though they seriously need help?”

Prophet Emmanuel maintained that although, pastors won’t beg or solicit for assistance openly but that they are really on hard times. He said, “Pastors will not beg because they are supposed to be strong for others. But they wish you could bless them voluntarily.

Pastors have to pretend it’s well when things are not going well.”

The Prophet who he himself has since embraced online preaching as the only means of reaching his teeming followers and has been in the forefront of clerics calling for fasting and prayer as the only authentic prevention and cure for coronavirus pandemic added that, “Pastors are afraid to ask so that you Don’t call them beggars, even though they seriously need help.”

He said, “Pastors don’t fast everyday. Even if they do, what about their family? They told you to give to the poor, and needy and stop giving to pastors but most Pastors has needs and can’t fend for their loved ones this season.”

The young and dynamic Prophet however said, may God bless those members who remembers their man of God in this season. “Those matured believers who understands what Pastoral life is all about. Because, its not all Pastors that flies private jet, or drive exotic cars. He said many are sent to rural areas for Ministry.

“Learn to balance the equation. Bless that Pastor God connects you with and he will be grateful at this time.” Prophet Emmanuel said.

What do you think about this open declaration of this Nigerian Prophet and the conditions of pastors during this lockdown period?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tell tea

    May 19, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    Any man who reaps from the sweat and labour of other men is a beggar and blasphemer.
    It should be an abominable act and the ‘Pastor’ title should either be totally abandoned (all xtians are priest) or thoroughly redefined. GET A REAL JOB….PASTOR!

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