52 female suicide bombers commissioned to Maiduguri

52 female suicide bombers are now on the prowl in Maiduguri, a member of the youth vigilante group has revealed.Two suicide bombers were unleashed on Maiduguri last week causing the death of over 35 people, while two others were unleashed on the town this Monday causing six deaths and 36 injured people.
Speaking to Thisday
Live on Monday after the two attacks on the Maiduguri Monday Mmarket,
the source said the youth vigilante group had made it difficult for the
insurgents to visit massive mayhem on the town with the incessant search
of vehicles and people of the town.
He said: 

“One of the female suicide bombers arrested revealed to them (youth
vigilante) that presently in Maiduguri there are 52 female suicide
bombers who have been commissioned to explode bombs at high density

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