2face and Annie Idibia respond to Sumbo Adeoye’s recent interview with an intimate display on Instagram

#2face Threatens To Kill Anyone Who Has a Crush On His Wife As They Kiss. A video posted by Celebrity News/Trending News (@datswasup) on Sep 4, 2016 at 8:47am PDT

2baba and Annie Idibia are entertaining fans on social media with their display of affection for each other, and this comes just hours after the mother of his children, Sumbo Adeoye’s interview with Punch surfaced on social media (HERE).

In the tell-all piece, Sumbo revealed that her first marriage crashed because she gave birth to 2baba’s child, and then she moved in with him, got pregnant with their second baby and eventually had to leave when she saw no future with him.

“I think we broke up in 2009 after I had the second baby. There were other women who were also going to have babies for him around that time. I came to my senses like the prodigal son and I was so broken. I think my baby daddy was out of the country that fateful day when I returned from work and I packed all my things plus that of my children, and I went back to my parents’ home,” she said.

In her previous interview, she said she was not event hurt when she heard of 2baba’s marriage to Annie because he was not God’s choice for her.

Well, the singer and his wife are proving on social media that they are each other’s choice, and this they did through a very unprecedented intimate display.

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