Stylist Transforms Aso-Oke into an Everyday Wear

Nigerian Fabric stylist, has deftly transformed aso-oke from an occasional ceremonial outfit for Owanbe into an everyday wear.

Aso-oke is a hand-woven cloth created by the Yoruba people of West Africa usually woven by men and women.

The fabric which denotes high status in the society, is used to make men’s gowns; called agbada and hats; called fila, as well as women’s wrappers; called iro and head tie; called gele for ceremonial purpose.

Meanwhile, @ceomaniaalasooke has changed the narrative of Aso-oke from one single story of Owanbe wear to everyday exquisite for corporate meetings, official wear, jacket and other casual wear.

We think his idea #madefromasooke takes a contemporary twist of west African indigenous aesthetical Aso-Oke fabrics with keen focus on curating pieces that go beyond just events.

The contemporary aesthetic dimensions of aso-oke fabric are meticulously crafted for females and men with detailing and premium quality in place.

His ability to turn the aso oke into a perfect body fitted suit stuns us more.Check out more of his creation below.

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