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Nigerian couple takes it a notch higher as wedding gown is sewn with “Isi agu”



A yet to be identified Nigerian couple made heads turn at their recent wedding as they were spotted at their white wedding beautifully displaying the traditional IGBO ‘ishi agu’ cloth.

The bride in now viral photos were spotted rocking a well sewn flowing wedding gown while the groom rocked a suit, both looking stunning as they used the traditional isi agu material

The bridal train was not left out as the beautiful young ladies were dressed in style in similar manner

This is unarguably the first of its kind as it has moved many to commend the attempt at a white wedding, yet so cultural. It appears the decision of the couple might influence others who will learn to value and appreciate their things and also learn not to see the white man’s things as superior over ours ❤️🌠

Check out the photos here;