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“Who will buy me a land in Banana Island” Zubby Michael pleads as he storms Banana Island (Video)

Zubby Michael storms Banana Island

Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael is in need of a good samaritan who would splashed millions on a land for him in Banana Island.

The movie star, who paid a visit to the mega rich residence that is home to many billionaires, revealed that he was royally welcomed at Banana Island.

Pleading with his fans, Zubby Michael begged them to buy him a land on the Island.

“Banana Island fit ME. Abeg who go dash ME land for here biko and they also LUV ME here. God is real”.

I want to buy Davido’s type of mansion” Jamiu Azeez reveals his desire

In similar news, actor Jamiu Azeez revealed his desire to own Davido’s type of house.

Taking to his Instagram page, Jamiu revealed that he was in search of a house agent in Banana Island. According to the actor, he desired to buy a mansion like Davido and also a 2023 Bentley.

“Second slide – pls tag any house agent in Banana Island. I want to but a mansion like Davido own with one 2023 Bentley”.

Zubby Michael storms Banana Island

“I want to do house warming but I haven’t bought my house” Actor Jamiu Azeez

In a follow up post, Jamiu Azeez, revealed that he was considering throwing a house warming party despite not having a house.

The Yoruba actor, disclosed via his Instagram page that he plans to throw a house warming party.

According to him, the proceeds from the house warming party and from his aso ebi sales, would be used to buy the house.

Jamiu added that if the money made from the party isn’t enough, he would throw another party.

Calling on event planners, aso ebi vendors and musicians, he told them to reach out to him.

“I want to do house warming oooo. I never buy the house thou. But I want to do the party first. I go sell aso ebi. I go call musician. If the proceed from the party reach to buy house, I go buy. If e no reach, we go try again be that o”. Read more here.

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