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Zeb Ejiro’s marriage in trouble as wife cries out over maltreatment

There seem to be trouble in the marriage of veteran  Nigerian filmmaker, Zeb Ejiro, as his wife of many years, Joy Ejiro shocked her friends on Facebook when she alleged that her husband collaborated with his tenant friend to send her to jail.

Her Facebook post has elicited several reactions from her followers making many wonder If all is well with the couple.

At the time of publishing, Mrs Ejiro refused to give details of the information and her husband is yet to react to the accusations too.

 In an interview, the revered filmmaker shared what endeared him to his wife.
According to him:” When I met my wife, I saw somebody that was not materialistic. She was more of a woman that said ‘this is who I want.’ It did not matter to her whether you were rich or not. We have had our ups and downs in marriage. I must acknowledge her courage when she stood by me when her parents initially were against our relationship. She also stood by me when her parents finally gave their approval. She equally stood by me when I was nobody. So, when I look back on my life, and remember the sacrifices she has made because of me, no matter the challenges we have had in our marriage, there is this urge to stick together”.

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