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“I felt like unleashing my anger on him” Yul Edochie recounts how his ungrateful staff changed his mindset

Yul Edochie reveals how his stealing staff made him changed his mindset

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has recounted how his ungrateful staff has changed his mindset about life.

The movie producer revealed that he had a staff, who he took as a brother and was always giving him extra money and other bonuses.

Despite all he was doing for the staff, he still stole large amount of money from him and had the guts to beg him for more money when he laid him off.

However, during his quiet time, he reflected on how daily he wrongs God and ask for forgiveness yet God still blesses him.

Yul revealed that this changed his mindset and he sent money to his staff.

“I had a staff whom I took like a brother and was even dashing him money from time to time , in addition to paying him for his services.
One day I found out he was stealing from me and had stolen so much money already.
(In this hard economy).
I laid him off.
He didn’t have money to pay back, I just told him to go, don’t pay back just go so you wouldn’t steal more.
Later he called to beg for forgiveness.
I forgave him but I told him to stay far away from me.
A few months after he called begging me for financial assistance.
As a human being, the first thought that came to me was ‘what never, he still has guts to beg for money, what an ingrate’.

I felt like unleashing my anger on him. But later in my quiet moment I started thinking. Everyday we wrong God and we ask for forgiveness and we still ask for his blessings.
What is forgiveness if you can’t lend him help? In the course of living here on earth some people will offend you and you will offend some people too. As we ask God for forgiveness and blessings. We must be willing to forgive and bless those who wrong us’.
That’s the true preaching of Jesus Christ.
These thoughts kept ringing in my head.
So I sent him money.

Life is short.
None of us will be here forever”.

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