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“Nollywood has turned to dumping ground” Yul Edochie raises alarm over the numbers of ‘quack’ actors

Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor and filmmaker Yul Edochie has raised alarm over the rapid increase of quack actors in Nollywood.

The controversial actor who had his image dented following his second marriage noted how Nollywood is now filled with many quack actors.

According to him, many actors and actresses who can’t speak good English have joined the industry.

The father of five noted how every thing is dying in the country.

“Everybody wan be actor and actress. All the dummies around want to be actors and actresses. Nollywood has turned to dumpling ground for block heads. Even people that can’t speak good English have become actors and actresses unlike before. Nollywood don suffer. Somehow everything dies in this country. Why???”.

Kemi Filani news recalls that Ali Baba had exposed Nollywood actresses over their means of income.

This came after kidnappers snatched away two veteran Nollywood stars and demanded $100k. However, they were later released after they paid a lesser ransom.

In a video released on IG, Ali Baba attacked actresses over their means of livelihood aside from acting, asking them how many movies they have acted for them to afford a millionaire house.

To buttress his point, the comedian who said he was tempted to mention names cited an example of an actress he met in Dubai who was sponsored to lounge in Dubai and later came online to make it seem like she paid for the hotel expenses.

He wrote:

“How many movies have you done that gave you 45 million to buy a house? You that just joined the industry. The people that have been in the industry did not buy,” he said.

“I may be tempted to mention names but I won’t. We went to Dubai one time and while we were waiting we saw this actress and we saw a particular protocol of a person. He comes later and gives her a key and she goes upstairs. A few days later I see her posting…the ones that do business we know them, you’ll come here and be putting them on high jump,”

“Even if they pay you 5 million per movie how many movies do you do in a year? We know the ones that use their mileage and popularity to do business. But the ones we know cannot even act in an English movie it has to be ‘kilo so pe’ that kind of movie, you will now come and tell me you raised 125 million to buy a house in Lekki phase one”.

“Next thing they are talking about people you will now be putting mouth, ‘what is wrong with this man? He can put his thing inside his pant’.

Yul Edochie
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