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You’re classless and childish if you collect or destroy things you bought for your girlfriend after breakup – BBNaija’s Tboss


Early this week a viral video that became a growing sensation on social media captured the moment an unidentified young man was seen destroying the properties he bought for his girlfriend after their relationship breakup.

It is no doubt that in the breakup of every relationship, it is assumed that an individual has been used, spent, and cheated.

Little wonder the man in the viral video opt to the destruction of the properties he bought for his girlfriend, when the relation was still in good times.

Reacting to this, reality TV star, Tboss is of the opinion that it is childish to such thing after a relationship.

In a post shared on Instagram, the reality TV star questioned the nature of upbringing that make a man act in such manner.

Tboss wrote: Hey Guyss sorry BUT what is up with these lil B***es collecting or destroying the stuff that they gave their girlfriend? Like seriously how bloody classless, childish &petty can y’all be?!!!

What kind of upbringing did y’all reciev if y’all even recieved any at all.

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