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“You’re born to die poor” netizens react to Daniel Regha using leftover materials to sew boxers

Controversial Twitter influencer Daniel Regha is making waves once again, this time due to his unique attire or, rather, his unusual use of skills. In a recent Twitter post, he proudly showcased four boxers he had crafted from leftover Ankara materials.

However, the response to his post has been less than positive. Some claim he used heavy filters in the photo, suggesting he might not be entirely proud of the outcome.

Another critic argued that he seems to glorify a minimal income lifestyle, predicting he’ll remain financially challenged.

Notably, two months ago, he garnered attention for sharing a photo of the in-flight meal he received. Instead of indulging in international cuisine provided by the airline, he opted for a local dish of yam and palm oil sauce he brought with him. This sparked a similar reaction, with some accusing him of glorifying a less affluent lifestyle.

In the ongoing Mohbad investigation case, Regha has been vocal in criticizing celebrities. He claims that most of them aren’t advocating for justice in Mohbad’s murder case, despite the troubling revelations and injustices. He highlights that many Nigerian celebrities remain silent on the matter.


fvckerychichi: “Na Twitter millionaire be this sha una dey make the guy trend everyday &3”

_1mind: “Omo Oscroh (pepperline \ don de enter small small ooo make una no lie. Pluto Pluto”

ruffyadex: “Na him ewu he tear come take sow boxers … we’re agbalagba kg)”

laboss1299: “Daniel is born to die poor”

abike1805: “Someone please help me with any amount to get food cook for my kids (God will never let you down”

barbie_savage 122: “Wahala”

i_divaly: “Poverty ambassador sending love”

royal_3635: “Which color is onion brown”1

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