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‘Your opinion is not needed, leave Neo and Vee alone’ – BBNaija Neo’s sister blasts Venita

Venita, Neo and Vee

BBNaija Neo’s sister has taken to Twitter to blast Venita for taking sides with Tolani Baj amidst fight with Neo.

KFN recalls that Venita and Neo are cousins and the reality stars bear the same surname.

However, the mother of two is not a fan of Vee who happens to be Neo’s lover hence the reason she took sides with Tolani Baj.

According to Neo’s sister, Venita should let Neo and Vee be because she is just a cousin and nothing more.

Speaking further, Neo’s sister said that Venita was fooling herself because her opinion does not matter.

In her words;

“Venita…You re only a cousin and there is no upgrade to dat let @neo_akpofure and @veeiye …Your opinion is still not needed…now let me send all the rubbish u sent me so people know how dull you are…its a pity we share surnames

Come to my WhatsApp this blessed morning to fool your self….You wanna see crazy…next i will post your house address and cellphone number for those that need to speak sence to you….

Venita a word is enough for the wise but I know you are far from wise..don’t text me again.. keep making a fool of yourself till I meet face to face. anywhere anytime…I will beat you on behalf of millions of people… I DARE YOU to talk rubbish…”

Reacting to this;

@chikadibia59 wrote “I love neo sisters Energy… ride on girl”

@aijay_omah wrote “But Venita was really doing too much”

@midesthriftcloset wrote “Venita needs to do better sha, she doesn’t have to like Vee but atleast respect the relationship between her and Neo. Everytime throwing shades like some one who’s bread was collected, now they have told her she’s just a cousin and does not matter.”

@torrerra wrote “Venita has been disgracing herself over Vee’s matter forever almost a year now, y’all gave the narrative of Neo family not liking Vee, now that Neo biological sister wanna treat her fck up y’all wanna come up with another agenda fact is Venita deserves this & much more family or no family !”

@mmahaj wrote “I don’t understand venita’s hate”

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