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‘You’ll soon get addicted to lying’ – Toyin Abraham warns colleagues living fake lives

Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham formerly, Toyin Aimakhu has taken out time to send out a warning note to all living fake lifestyles, especially celebrities who do all possibilities to trend.
The light skinned Yoruba movie star shared her thoughts via her Instagram page.

She wrote: “Do not waste your time living someone else’s life. If you look back in history of the coolest and most respected people, they were always extremely original individuals, not imitation. If you love that life so badly, dream it and work hard for it. 
Do not be afraid of growing slowing, be afraid only of standing still. That lifestyle that seems too expensive for you, that make you want to live it in falseness is actually affordable, just prepare yourself and it will come true. 
Be yourself and make the world adjust. Let people love you for who you are rather than for who you’re not. An original is worth more than a copy. Do not live your life trying to impress people who hardly know you on social media! 

You can never experience true happiness and freedom living someone else’s life and the worst thing about lying is that, you will have to lie continuously to back up  your previous lies; before you know it, you’ve already gotten addicted to lying. 
And the day people got to know you’re a liar, you give them reasons to question everything you say afterwards. 
Yoruba people do say “paro kin niyi, ete lon mu wa”. Don’t let the internet rush you, it’s okay to walk at your own pace as long as you’re moving. Slow and steady wins the race. “Eegun toba koko jo, iran ni iruu won man wo gbeyin”. All the trends now will soon be old fashioned because, this is life. YOUR TIME WILL COME AND TILL THEN, LET OTHERS ENJOY THEIRS.”

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