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‘You don’t owe anyone snap back body, take your time don’t fall for the pressure’ – Lami Philips to new mums

Lami Philips to new mums

Famous Nigerian singer, songwriter, Lami Phillips Gbadamosi but fondly called Lami Phillips has urged new mums not to be desperate to do a snapback post a few weeks after delivery to show off they have gotten their pre-baby body back.

Gbadamosi said this while reacting to a post of Kylie Jenner showing off her body after two kids.

The musician further stated that being a mother is complex and challenging enough and one doesn’t need to add this kind of pressure to her reality. 

Sharing a photo of Kylie Jenner, Lami Philips wrote, “So this is the problem. I don’t care whether it’s surgery or natural weightloss, young girls and new mothers will see this and think something is wrong with them. Like I said on @stephaniecoker and @bammybestowed ‘s post.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE … new mums.. there is no rush. You don’t owe anyone .. I repeat anyone a “snapback “ post. You owe yourself and your new baby attention, kindness, love and patience. Being a mother is complex and challenging enough , you don’t need to add this pressure to your reality. Be healthy but please please.. your body has been through a lot bringing a baby to the world, you don’t need any layer of pressure in your mind. Freedom is an inside job.”

She also called out Body-shamers to mind their respective businesses and let each woman with her own body do her thing.

Lami Philips said, “For the agbaya elders or ignorant Mongooses that throw jabs at weight, complexion or whatever.. please face your front and your own fat.. (even if you’re “skinny” face the fat in your brain that isn’t allowing you to reason logically! 
Woman, young ladies, you are beautiful!!! VERY!!! Let celebrities do their thing, you do your own!!!!! Each woman to her body; God for us all.”

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