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You don’t need a man to be the God you are – Angela Okorie

Actress Angela Okorie has shared a defying post a few days after she survived an assassination attempt on her life.

Bullets were rained on the actress by assassins while she was driving her G-Wagon.

Videos she shared showed her faced badly bruised as she revealed that ten bullets were removed from her wig. She also revealed that about 30 bullets were removed from her vehicle.

It is alleged that the hit on Angela Okorie was ordered by a couple she allegedly slept with and proceeded to blackmail. Till now, she hasn’t issued any statement debunking the claims.

However, the actress took to social media with a post that seems to portray herself as a superhuman.

She shared:

“You Don’t Need A man 
To Be the God you are
You are God from the beginning to the End
You are God all By your self 
No man will ever take this Glory”.

Angela Okorie
Angela Okorie
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