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You committed Bigamy, come take care of your daughters – Nedu Wazobia’s ex-wife fires back

The saga continuous over the allegations and controversies surrounding Comedian Nedu Wazobia and his ex-wife, Uzoamaka Ohiri.

Kemi Filani recalls that Ms. Ohiri had called Nedu out for domestic violence and being a dead beat dad.

Nedu whose real name is Ani Chinedu Emmanuel, had narrated his own side of the story revealing that he is innocent of all the allegations levelled against him.

He also revealed that he found out the son she had few months into their marriage was not his.

Not backing out from the verbal war, Uzoamaka Ohiri has also slammed Nedu of Bigamy and neglecting his daughters.

She took to her Instagram page and wrote, “nedu_wazobiafm
Please where are the divorce papers? We both are in accordance with being divorced. I need to sign too.

Even when you committed Bigamy, I was not moved.

Try not to open Ajiwe police station issue again, as you know you faulted.

As regards the scar on your hand; that was the day I was with our infant daughter. Other @wazobiafmlagos staff witnessed the drama unfold. Nedu we fought and I finally won one battle. Deal with it !

As regards my son, you have already spread that certificate to the whole world. It is no longer, and has never been a secret.

It’s okay to say you do not have a problem with me… that’s for the gram. But why are your kids suffering?

Now that I have gotten your attention, all I have been demanding, is for you to man up to some responsibilities over our lovely kids and their welfare.
For 4 years I have been paying for the house rent and a lot of bills. You might not understand as you have never spent more than 12 hours with them.

We can also share the rent bills on a 50-50 ratio . I have been the only one paying for about 4 years,and trust me it has not been easy on me.

I have called, texted and tried to reach out to you via other direct and indirect methods, but to no avail.

Please honour this request.

Thank you Sir.”

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