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‘You chop meat, I chop fish, nothing spoil’, Actress Jumoke Odetola reminds her Muslim friends who refused to show her love

jumoke odetola

Nollywood actress Jumoke Odetola has taken to social media to dissolve ties with all her Muslim friends who refused to show her love on Sallah day, ahead of Christmas.

Sallah day is the day celebrated by Muslims. Muslim faithfuls often mark the yearly ritual with the slaughtering of rams in honour of Ibrahim, who wanted to sacrifice his son, Ismail, as an act of obedience to God’s command.

According to the actress, she ended up eating fish on a day she was supposed to be blessed with enough meat.

Sharing a photo, she mentioned ram meat would definitely finish, but the people who ate the meat will witness the birth of Jesus.

In retaliation for Sallah meat not getting to her, she has warned her Muslim friends to distance themselves from her on Christmas day.

She wrote:

You chop meat, I chop fish…Nothing spoil, I no vex o! First to do no dey pain 😡 . Eran ma tan, eyan lo ma ku 👀

Subtle reminder to my muslim friends that enjoyed and forgot me, the birthday of Jesus is coming soon, calendar marked!

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