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“You asked for your son’s youtube password the same day he died” – Mohbad’s aide drags Mohbad’s father

In a recent development, an aide to Mohbad has come out on social media to express his opinion about Mohbad’s father.

The aide expressed that Mohbad father had asked for his son’s YouTube password the same day that Mohbad had died, hinting at the fact that his father did not really mourn his son’s passing.

He went on to state that he was making his son’s team look like fools and ingrates because he cased light to the world that his son’s team had been putting him under the staircase.

This aide, known as Do Damola, expressed that only God would judge a lover, Mohbad dad. He went on to hint at the fact that Mohbad’s father had clamoured for the burial of his son quickly.

He further disclosed that when Mohbad was alive, he was always Mohbad’s first priority and that he never joked with you. However, the reverse had been the case when Mohbad had died. In his words, this is what he had to say,


Your son team don’t meddle in family ajjaus.yes we don’t ..We are learned and cultured

If lawyer had danced to his tune that night and gave him all he asked for…

But making us look like fools and Ingrates by lieing to the world we put him under staircase ….God will judge you…..

lol…yall won’t have hear peem o….When you arrived that night ..Remebered the first word you uttered?

rimembered the first thin

im not sorry to say kankan

you asked of?

You’ve clearly forgotten you orchestrated the burial

Crfze dey worry everybody


You’re his first priority when he was alive

He never joked with you You knew it and we knew it. Peace to those that deserve it

Person wey dey bring boys from ikorodu to MohSince we’ve all decided to wash our dirty linens outside….

Let’s wash it again. Say make he sign dem to imolenization. Same me wey y’all be capping dust about dey. Plenty plenty things

carry Uber dey go find Bacchus wine for obalende whenever he visit….

Mioni soro sha

When lies about us was flowing around. Y’all be nodding in agreement.

Man asked for his dead son youtube logins that same night?!? Did he mention that to you?

Una dey get headache!! answer his papa surname jare…..

But lies say the team dey ball on moh money…..

Kole Happen? Comot the saliva abeg….!”

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