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“You are a failed comedian” – Saidaboj replies EfeWarri Boy

Influencer Saida Boj has replied back to a Efe Warri boy after he slammed her for her controversial opinion during her Honest Bunch interview.

This time around, she took to her Instagram page to call him out. She expressed that he is a failed comedian and he is irrelevant, trying to use her to remain relevant. She further expressed that his parents are not on the same level as her parents, hinting at the fact that her parents are better off than his parents are.

She disclosed that whenever he cracks jokes, people forget to laugh and that now he now opens shows for many comedians who were once his junior colleagues. She revealed that Iye needed to thank her for giving him fame and to others who many people had already forgotten about.

Yesterday, Kemi Filani had reported that Saida Boj had lost her account on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook respectively. However, she had emerged with another new account on Instagram and she slammed Nigerians, telling them boldly that she was going to keep on opening multiple accounts until Nigerians got tired of reporting her account.

Also recall that a few days ago, Kemi Filani reported that she had stated that any man who was willing to spend up to 20 million on her in a week could have access to her legs whenever he wanted it, hinting at the fact that she was open to a transactional relationship with such a person.

She had also advised girls to learn to be men that they are in talking stages with, instead of waiting for it to linger.

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