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Yomi Fabiyi’s babymama reacts to his domestic violence allegations, makes new revelation

Yomi Fabiyi marriage crashes again

Oreofe Grace Fabiyi, the wife of Yomi Fabiyi has reacted to his several accusations and proof that she physically assaulted him.

Kemi Filani news reported earlier that Yomi Fabiyi had shared several proofs to shut down allegations that he was involved in sex for roles.

Gistlover had claimed that the actor’s affair with his babymama, Oreofe Grace Fabiyi began after he demanded sex in exchange for role scripts.

The ex-loverbirds amid a messy break-up, have been trashing each other on social media.

Sharing a screenshot of his private chats with Oreofe, Yomi stated that only a criminal and reckless journalist would not balance the story before concluding.

“Social Media and anonymous blogging :
This was how it started with Grave and I. Is this SEX FOR ROLE? Only a criminal or reckless journalist will not balance the story before reaching a conclusion. You created a platform, violate people’s rights, gained traffic with people’s life, health, career. This has brainwashed innocent lads and turned them to addicted trolls and cyberbullies, their background now stinks. These innocent and imperfect folks now think their days is incomplete without any bad news, celebs or person’s to drag, troll or curse. Anarchy looms! Stop promoting, supporting or encouraging criminal blogging. Not safe for society, your children and your mental health”.

Yomi also shared video of the mishap, Grace inflicted on him, the gateman and their house help.

Reacting to his several accusations, Grace states that replying him is just a waste of time.

She further stated that she has several evidences of the intimate photos he showed her on their first video call.

Using her story as an example, she advised ladies to be careful of the men they choose as life partner before going into relationship.

“Replying you is just a waste of time. Many evidences dey, even the prick we you show on the first video call,even before our chats, but you know what? I won’t reply you. Not because I am all at fault, but because of this child, he never force me to birth him, shallow.

Ladies please before choosing a life partner or going into a relationship, pray about it. It’s very important. May we not marry or have anything to do with an unstable mental health man”.

In another post, Grace accused the actor of beating her during pregnancy.

According to her, the actor beat her to stupor that she was forced into labour.

She added that the actor was still the one who came outside for do fake video to gather his fake evidences.

“When I was pregnant, you beat me to stupor, that I had to run outside, to the extent that I had force labour the second day,you are still the one that came outside to do fake video to gather your fake evidences”.

Grace Jimoh
Grace Jimoh
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