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Yomi Fabiyi spills more details on how Toyin left Adeniyi Johnson, claims she’s still on drugs

how Toyin left Adeniyi Johnson

What many thought was a joke from Toyin Abraham over the weekend has sky-rocketed into enmity between A-list actresses Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Abraham.

Toyin was the one who threw the first salvo by posting a comment on a post shared by Mercy. Toyin wrote: Mercy, should I tell them what you did to my home?”

Apparently referring to her marriage to Adeniyi Johnson, Toyin didn’t stop there.
She wrote again, “Anytime you see your colleague fighting anyone, that’s when you write stupid epistle. Alabosi ni e Mercy. Mercy Alabosi oshi. Go and sit down.”

Though Mercy didn’t respond, she rather posted on her page the endorsement she just got from a property company.
She used some hashtags to suggest there was something amiss between her and Toyin.

After several hours, Toyin and Mercy updated their IG pages insisting that everything was a stunt.

But actor Yomi Fabiyi would not hear that. He started a ‘war’ against Toyin and her unruly manners.

Yomi wrote:
“Can she just shut up. Hopefully people can now see clearly my previous positions. Mercy did no wrong. Just the usual EVIL, ENVY, HATE laced with LIES and backed by fake accounts and reckless proxy followers who will soon know better. Is it not the same marriage you crashed yourself by setting the poor guy up and eventually packed out despite sincere pleas. Using failed marriage with your deliberate reckless act to win unnecessary sympathy. Why bring the innocent hardworking lady into this. Now that you hurt her brand badly, you are now claiming it is a joke. You can only fool the gullibles mate.
Is it that hard for you to do, LIVE & LET LIVE. Stop hurting people’s brand on social media, must it be you always. NOW UNA DON SEE WHAT AM TALKING ABOUT. Why lies and pull her down when @realmercyaigbe is getting endorsement and should enjoy her shine. Why is @lauraikeji not getting such attack. WE DO NOT NEED THIS IN THE MOVIE INDUSTRY for christ sake. Thank God I know where my own attacks had been coming from after any good effort or positive trending stories. Gosh! (sic)

Not done with Toyin, Yomi who used to be a great friend of Toyin shared on Instagram again and went ahead:

“You all coming out to attack colleagues in the name of FANSHIP are not helping this lady get out of her perpetual evil and dirty envy. She will always hurt people on social media if her arms can reach you anytime you are doing good or has something good working for you. YOU COMING QUICKLY TO HER DEFENCE WILL NOT LET HER STOP THE SHIT IS TAKING. Stop this madness and stop acting you attacking her colleagues at any slight opportunity justify love.
Are you kidding me? Mercy is not a small brand. Why would you on earth thinks she needs such stunt on a good day like this. This lady cannot contain her envy because she finds her publicist in picture with Mercy getting endorsement. You will be a fool to think Mercy or the guy will let her know until the deal like the previous ones are hatched.
IF YOU ARE GOOD AND BLESSED, ALL THESE ENDORSEMENT WILL COME. Oju orun t’eye fo. STOP THIS EVIL MATE (COS YOU CAN NEVER BE MY FRIEND AGAIN WITH THIS KIND OF EVIL AND ILARA). We gave you our all when there was nobody, these are people your envy should not touch.
To those followers jumping the gun and forming loyalty. This is not the way it should go. If you speak the truth you die and if you dont you die. She has nothing for me to envy, she knows. Stop fooling around. You are the ones growing the evil inside her. Which actor will go out so reckless.
PRAY FOR HER COS SHE STILL NEED HELP FROM THE SHIT SHE IS TOTALLY ADDICTED TO. GET HER THRU RE-HAB BEFORE YOU CLAIM IT IS HER PAST. Addiction don’t go by mere social media proclamation. The more you followers recklessly meddle into our matter, the danger it potends to you. I salute Mercy for her maturity, I have been these mature for years after repeated evil until I had it up to here. A sorire.”
Then, Toyin’s fans bombarded his timeline and he wrote again. This time, he made it known that it was borne out of envy because Toyin’s PR manager is also rooting for Mercy. Not only that, he revealed Toyin was envious of Mercy’s accomplishments.

Yomi wrote:
“It is better to be HATED for who you are than to be LOVED for who you are not.
Hypocrites ignored a deliberate act from a colleague who ruined a glorious moment for her other colleague on the day she was celebrating her endorsement. An important milestone just because you both have the same PR manager but he got endorsement for the other and not you. It doesnt matter if you know him before. Wait for your time, it will come, just work on yourself and that dirty envy that makes you hurt just anybody doing well and may overtake you.
The height of the wickedness is to make the poor lady accept it was part of a “PUBLICITY STUNT”. Stunt to do what? At this stage? Bad footing. How do they expect those who signed her to feel. Do you do stunt with such terrible allegation, disgusting damage control. There was total diversion from her big moment. That is too tortious. She has done this to numerous others. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
I am here raising my voice as usual to condemn the act that is not right. The industry do not need such now or in future. Go get some rehab and stop messing around. This is how this lady has been hurting others and bank on her followers to stand by her. Una well done. They are fueling her bad habit they assume they are hurting me. I am past this stage of ABUSIVE COMMENTS walahi. They dont hit at me kobo.

How long do we condone this evil? Sadly some gullible and reckless lots who did not condemn her act initially before turning it to a silly joke or stunt are coming for me. Just as I have stood up for her in the past at her lowest ebb and stand by the truth is the same I will do with this. I am no hypicrite.
Sensible fans will reason along and the innocent, ignorant or reckless ones will stick to thier positions, not my burden. They won’t be honest in their overall judgement and help this young lady in killing this terrible envy eating her up. Very soon she will induldge in another. I am not in a hurry.
To my folks I am fine. I am filming and in good shape. This is the height of her strength physically. IGNORE……”

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