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Yomi Fabiyi speaks on people begging for financial assistance after doing giveaways

yomi fabiyi

Actor Yomi Fabiyi has prayed that those who did giveaways to enable people survive the lockdown period don’t end up begging for financial assistance later on.

Yomi Fabiyi also advised that appreciation should be shown to health workers at the frontline of the battle against COVID-19.

He captioned the screenshot: “Morning fams.
Gratitude unending. Let it be known that during this WAR, Nigerians all came out to help each other.

“Don’t get it twisted, virtually everybody is helping, that it is not online should not be counted for nothing. And to those who wish to do but cannot, the Universe, our dear God sees your heart, very soon, you shall have enough and lend to many.
This is a huge, strange kind of war, anyone can be affected, anyone can say, “please help”. Reality on ground is that, this pandemic reveals a lot of things that is social-economically negative about millions of Nigerians that the day to day hustle has been patching. Hopefully we all use our consciences and common sense and start addressing them.

“After the LOCKDOWN, truth be told, we are 98% certain of going into deep RECESSION. Brace up guys.
I care and wish I can help everyone but no much resources. Stay Safe and be careful. Health is wealth. Lovely Morning”.

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