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“You are too arrogant, and you have diarrhoea of the mouth”, Yomi Fabiyi shades Iyabo Ojo amidst MC Oluomo’s relationship saga

Yomi Fabiyi and Iyabo ojo

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has reacted to the online drama between Iyabo Ojo and other colleagues over her relationship with MC Oluomo.

Kemi Filani recalls that Dayo Amusa stirred drama online when she called out an ingrate on Instagram for reportedly claiming someone is a thug.

Dayo Amusa claimed the ‘thug’ was responsible for the sponsor of the unidentified person’s welfare.

The actress also alleged that the thug was responsible for her other personal needs.

Although Dayo Amusa did not mention or tag any name on social media, many claimed she was referring to her colleague, Iyabo Ojo

“When he dey pay your children’s school fees, e no be thug. When he dey pay your children’s birthday party bills, he no be thug!!…”

Yomi Fabiyi heavily shades Iyabo Ojo

Speaking on the issue, Yomi Fabiyi claimed men had been taken advantage of because of their silence on some issues.

In a lengthy statement, Yomi Fabiyi claimed Iyabo Ojo is arrogant, boastful and proud. He claimed she pre-planned the rape case drama of Baba Ijesha with comedian Princess who according to him, is on the run.

“Trouble SLEEP, yanga go WAKE am.

“Men DON’T TALK is why some delusionals see as advantage to say nonsense and cyberbully men. You are too arrogant, boastful and have diarrhea of the mouth. Pride cometh before fall.

“If my NGO(Break The Silence Foundation) had not raised our voices and fought hard, you, Princess and your syndicate would have had BABA IJESHA sent to LIFE IMPRISONMENT for rape on a child that never existed, a crime police and court trial said has no proof. Just CRIMINAL SET UP.

“Even the real pedophiles(one of which is DAMOLA ADEKOLA) whose SPERM was found on the girl after Baba Ijesha’s arrest, investigated, arrested,, confessed had you and your squad silent on, you all removed him from the case. Una sudden child right advocacy and emotions did not see that one and demand justice? Is the girl 14yrs old? E beru Olorun.

“Even the 5yrs sentence(to spend 3yrs 4months) verdict handed Baba Ijesha around the TRAP set for him which has no propensity in law is under APPEAL. Your co-traveller Princess had RAN AWAY since 2021 Novemeber, just decieving people online. Time will tell.

“My kind of struggles and advocacy are what you are never bold and knowledgeable to face.My Human Rights advocacy is NOT selective, I am not an hypocrite. You are the REAL CLOUTH CHASER with zero honest intention for any child let alone knowledgeable of child rights laws. Wanna be activist.

“How my advocacy is clout chasing or seeking fame to you amazes me? THAT IS THE DISGUSTING AND MISLEADING POSITIONS YOU FOOLED AND BRAINWASH LOTS WITH on SOCIAL MEDIA. Tomorrow is PREGNANT!

“I will remind your likes soon.”

Yomi Fabiyi.

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